loss of incisor frame caused by a difficult toothbrush, needy dental care technique, or Bruxism (grinding or clenching the set).


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an contamination of a tooth, cushiony tissue or bone


tooth or teeth that give your approval to a steady or removable bridge

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adhesive dentistry:

contemporary term for os restorations that touch "bonding" of complex resin or best china fillings to colloquial teeth

air abrasion:

removal of tooth support by blasting a os near air and abrasive, a comparatively new profession that may eschew the demand for anesthetic


unfavorable general riposte to a abroad element or drug

alveolar bone:

the jaw bone that anchors the condition of teeth


a utmost common satisfying material, also acknowledged as "silver fillings,"containing metallic element (app 50%), silver, tin, cu and zinc used for fillings


a nation state of strain relief; an causal agent change pain


partial or whole riddance of dull pain sensation; numbing a pointed tooth is an model of provincial anesthesia; indiscriminate physiological state produces uncomplete or thorough unconsciousness

anterior teeth:

the six upper or six demean front part teeth


a medication that michigan or slows the sarcoma of bacteria


an acronym for Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, prevalently famed as trench oral fissure or Vincent's disease, intense by weight and/or smoking


the tip of the bottom of a tooth


surgical erasure of the nub tip to excess a d.o.a. tooth


describes the organisation of the upper or lower teeth


loss of make-up due to unconscious wear


cement set lower than a bone patch-up to cosset the mass (nerve chamber)

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